Thursday, June 4, 2009

Call for nonviolent civil action

Sit with us outside the White House and bake bread for WORLD PEACE starting July 4, 2009 in Lafayette Park outside the White House in Washington D.C.

Everyone is invited to join us outside the White House in support of the
changes Americans voted for in the historic election of Obama. We spent trillions to bail out America's corporations now it s time to bail out the American people. On July 4, 2009 we will start baking bread with the sun outside the White House and ask people to sign this petition:

1. Implement universal government-paid (Single-Payer) healthcare for all
2. Free federal prisoner Leonard Peltier by executive order today
3. Solar energy collectors available for every house
4. Passenger trains connecting every city
5. Organic gardening classes in every school
6. Call for a global ceasefire

Sit with us outside the White House to inspire Obama to implement the
proposals of the petition within a year. America voted for change, but so
far corporate America has high-jacked our dreams. This is the moment when Obama's supporters can push his administration to fulfill the mandate of his victory. Obama has the power to begin implementing these six priorities by July 4, 2010 so consider joining us outside the White House. (You don't need to bake bread to participate)

Imagine thousands of people sitting peacefully outside the White House day after day, encouraging President Obama to implement the changes he promised to the people who elected him to office. Help us bake bread in solar ovens to to share with the hungry in the nation's capital, as well as providing for the people sitting in support of making a better future for all. Baking bread will be a visible example of the power and strength of the sun, and a united people. Following the examples of Mohandas Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. please join our nonviolent sit-in for a positive future while we have a chance.


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The Change We Knead Now. Bake Bread for WORLD PEACE.
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